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picturepeople #40 : HIRSUTISM

Hirsutism, or: Cross Dressing

The anniversary of the UN Declaration on The Rights of Hair arrives once again during a crescendo of U.S. atrocities in the area of human genetic expression. The U.S. has, on every occasion, to use the words of Jerzy Labrooche, former chief couture editor for the New York Times and long-time proponent of American cosmetological "liberation" theory, "scraped the face" of the developing nations in their quest for follicular parity with the world's most vicious fashion superpower. [...]

Of course, the State Department has long justified these attacks on dermal integrity as "smoothing the path for democracy," but the truth could not be further from this ostensible "unfettered facial expression." [...]

U.S. insistence upon the near universal use of shavers, whether manual or electric, violates the UN Declaration repeatedly, but this has not been reported in the U.S. media, and has not dismayed the policy's defenders, such as former presidential groomer Michael "Mickey The Scissors" Court, who now heads the World Haircutters Association............. .

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