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picturepeople #20 : G.W.BUSH STARRING...

"And an angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm." (1)

How is America to conduct itself in a world so different? (2)
In the era of American predominance we resorted to American prescriptions as well as resources.
In the era of overwhelming U.S. military strength we and our allies could rely on the doctrine of massive retaliation.
Finally, in the new era unprecedented challenges beckon nations to set aside doctrine and focus on a common agenda. A new global partnership could promote habits of working for the world's interests instead of narrow national interests.
We in this generation have before us an historic opportunity to turn the transformations of the last twenty-five years into new avenues for peace, and to realize the creative possibilities of a pluralistic world.
Today we must work with other nations to build an enduring structure of peace. But we need the resources and concepts of others so that they will build this structure with us. For it will not endure unless other nations sense that it is also of their making.

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