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picturepeople #41 : KNIFETHROWING

all you ever need to know about knife throwing...

the physics: the hand makes about a circular motion around the shoulder
joint. The movements in the elbow joint just change the radius of the
circle and will be ignored. Once released, the knife will fly on
tangentially to the circular path. If you were to release the knife
exactly when pointing to the target, it would fly straight to the ground.
Rather, it must be released when the tangent of the circular path of the
swing points exactly at the target, or better a little earlier, because
the ideal tangential trajectory will be affected by gravity. In the very
moment when releasing the knife, it will be about perpendicular to the
ground, then start to turn. The arm will go on in its downward swing.

the truth: the sensation is of course not that the thrower misses his
apparent target. The thrower aims to miss. And we all expect him to. The
real sensation would be if the thrower hit the target. And we all want him
to, just a little bit...