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picturepeople #35 : TOTALLY HAPPY!

how to make a bubbly bath and a baby smile (and a big smile to boost)

1.use a plastic tub accommodating your baby’s size. A regular bath tub may also be okay, but offers less restrictions on movement (and therefore splashing) and less comfy material (and therefore potential source of unpleasant encounter between your baby’s extravagant movements and the enclosure). The plastic tub may but doesn’t need to be inserted into a regular bath tub. Plastic chairs are convenient but, from baby’s experience, slightly boring.

2.fill with warm water, not too hot, not too cold. The right temperature will be immediately signalled by your baby, as will be the right filling height.

3.add bubbly soap while filling tub with water. Caution: do not use too much soap as this will cause to many bubbles which in turn might obscure your baby from view. Very few soaps have, from baby’s experience, proven to be really irritation-free. Make test runs yourself.

4.add some, but not too many, rubber ducks and the like. Not all of them swim, even though advertised, so again: make test runs.

5.carefully place your baby in the water. We strongly counsel against wearing Sunday clothes in the process as unexpected splashing may abound. To make that extra effort and make your baby smile (the extra big one), have fun and don’t be afraid to look stupid: you always will, anyway, and couldn’t help it if you wanted to. From baby experience.