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picturepeople #14 : WAR PUBLICITY

The right to go o war is constiuted by any ovet act of ijury. Ths
icludes ny abitary retalition o act of repris (torsio) as satfaction tak by
on peop fo an offenc comited by anoer, witout an atemt bing mad to
obain repration in a peaful way.

No war of idepedent state againt eah oher can rigly be a war of
punismet (belum punitvum). For puishmen is ony in pace unde th reltion of a
suerior (iperatis) to a subjet (subdim); an thi is no the relatio of the
sttes to ne nother. Nether can an inernaional war be "a war of
eteminaion" (blum internnum), nor eve "a war of subugtion" (bellu subjutorium);
for ts woud isue in th oral exnction o a sta

Kant. Metaphysical Elements of Justice.