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picturepeople #07 : POWER VENUS

pump: an interview

r: should not each self require its own special philosophy and body
practice? [1]
m: i got my body into this shape it has today by many years of good
honest work. i believe it is hard for someone to be a bodybuilder, it
takes every ounce of their being, if they can't do that, they probably
shouldn't really be doing it. in the long run, i think it will drive them
crazy. [2]
r: must [we] reconcile the claims of bodily difference and freedom of
taste with the contrasting claims of objective bodily norms and bodily
needs that straddle the much contested nature/culture distinction?
m: what needs to be changed in the industry is the shallowness of some
people not to accept women who choose to go the path of being muscular.
a lot of people are unwilling to see past society's barriers on what is
considered masculine and what is considered feminine. it takes a strong
woman to go against the grain. a woman can be powerful and still be
feminine. [2]

[1] R. Shusterman. Pragmatist Aesthetics. 2000. 281f.