This website is documenting & analyzing my research in the field of contemporary visual arts. Kristofer Paetau
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thumb_39-G4PB.jpg G4PB PRESENTATION 2006
A Lecture/Performance made at the opening of the exhibition: "Manet, Richter and G4PB in Memoriam", with Ondrej Brody, PROGR, Bern, Switzerland.
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thumb_38-DeProfundis.jpg DE PROFUNDIS 2006
A dark and desolate full moon landscape with a tree bending over a graveyard and a small wooden church is the setting for a 'Wunderkammer' for children, including a collection of religious objects. A group of local children aged 6 to 10 performs religious 'rituals' in this setting. The religious rituals consist of several Latin prayers and a Latin Mass, repeated phonetically and devoted to the specific religious objects. The collaboration with the children resulted in a 'religious movie' which was part of the installation. Work made together with Ondrej Brody.
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5 drawing sessions at Kunsthallen Brandts, Denmark: 1.- Bodybuilder & Pony: A bodybuilder posing with a pony. 2.- Porn Couple: No penetration just suggesting different sexual positions. 3.- Aerobic: Two fat men and a skinny trainer in underwear. 4.- Model In the Box: A nude model disappears inside a cardboard box and remains there for the duration of the drawing session. 5.- Jesus: A model posing on the cross. The model should look like Jesus.
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thumb_36-DejeunerManet.jpg LE DEJEUNER SUR L'HERBE 2006
Videoinstallation with Ondrej Brody, hommage to Edouard Manet. Work made with Czech porn actors repeating phonetically the french dialogues.
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thumb_35-Auticko.jpg AUTICKO 2006
Work made in collaboration with Ondrej Brody, text by Michal Pechoucek:
We can access the video of O. Brody & K. Paetau by stepping into an area of profound loss escalated by an unpleasant physical confrontation. The artists are operating at the border of ethical limits which most of us do not dispute but rather fear and ignore. Our natural fear of losing control and the integrity of our conceptions are challenged by the 'evil forces' operating within the structure of the video called "Auticko". Auticko means 'small toy car' in Czech. It might also evocate the term 'autism' and produce other associations in the viewers' mind. "Auticko" was produced for a particular occasion - it was filmed and showed in the Jiri Svestka Gallery in Prague. The act of violence, aggression, manipulation and (remote-) control is omnipresent in the work and it is only up to the viewer to decide if this is happening rightfully. Auticko is on the first sight a cruel, cynical and sexually explicit work. Brody's & Paetau's raw, almost anti-artistic approach seems over-structured, overexposed and leaves us at its original anti-aesthetical stage with everything in our face that most of us are trying to hide...
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thumb_34-superFlux.jpg SUPER_FLUX 2006
On january 16, 2006 we started super-Flux, a Berlin-based information bureau and a concurrence to e-Flux, with a platform of over 45.000 international readers specialized in contemporary visual arts. Within 2 weeks we started to get e-mails from e-Flux, asking us to change our name and layout. Our listserv provider was also several times contacted by e-Flux, asking them to stop serve us. E-Flux also contacted directly our announcers, urging them not to use our service (which was for free). On february 14, 2006, e-Flux's German lawyers sent us and our listserv provider a threatening letter, due to which our listserv provider stopped serving us. We replied to the charges but were not able to go on without the listserv provider's support. The legal correspondence that resulted from this affair deals with such issues as 'appropriation & copyright', 'economical concurrence & artistic critique'. Project made in collaboration with Ondrej Brody.
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thumb_33-Petpainting.jpg PETPAINTING SALON 2006
A happening at the Kuub theatre and an exhibition at the de Warande in Turnhout, Belgium. A special event conceived for regional petowners & artists at the Kuub theatre: an afternoon filled with live music, painting, drawing, and pets. An exhibition of the results of this event took place afterwards at the de Warande. All the artists who participated in the happening became part of the exhibition, which was staged in a theatrical manner. Work made with Ondrej Brody.
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thumb_32-TeenArt.jpg TEEN-ART-THERAPY 2006
The workshop consisted in different visual experiences that had an art therapy character. The young adults were dealing with ways of representing the Other... Workshop and video installation at the Elisabeth von-der-Pfalz Berufskolleg, with Ondrej Brody, within the groupshow "Leere & Vision" organized by the MARTA museum in the city of Herford, Germany
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thumb_31-AVU.jpg AVU 2006
Avant-Garde Art Education for children and teenagers, with Ondrej Brody, Jitka Mickulicova and Evzen Simera, Academy of Fine-Arts (AVU), Prague, Czech Republic.
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