This website is documenting & analyzing my research in the field of contemporary visual arts. Kristofer Paetau
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thumb_15-VillaMagica.jpg VILLA MAGICA 2004
Villa Magica was an exhibition featuring a real magician: Tony Price (de Gentleman Magicus...), with a live performance and an outdoor installation of paintings by Kristofer Paetau, representing magicians in action. You are very welcome to have a look at the documentation featuring poetry by Rüdiger Heinze
• Complete documentation:
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View "Villa Magica Live Performance" Quicktime Video (04'46)
thumb_14-Arabesque.jpg Re-Institutionalize#05: DANSSTUDIO ARABESQUE 2004
Exhibition of my Corpulent Ballerina at the dance school Arabesque!
• Complete documentation:
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View "Dansstudio Arabesque" Quicktime Video (04'18)
thumb_13-TaiChiTV.jpg "T'ai Chi Tv", collaboration and performance of Jen Eijssen & Kristofer Paetau at Factor 44, Antwerp, Belgium, 2004
• Complete documentation:
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View "T'ai Chi TV" Quicktime Video (04'15)
thumb_12-ArtForum.jpg "FORWARD!" GALLERY (Moscow) elected "Best Newcomer" at ART FORUM BERLIN 2004
The russian Moscow based "FORWARD!" GALLERY participated at the ART FORUM BERLIN for the first time this year and was elected "Best Newcomer". If you missed their booth at the fair you are welcome to have a look at:
• Complete documentation:!_Gallery/ArtForum.html
Download PDF (1,8 MB)
thumb_11-NetShed.jpg Re-Institutionalize#04: NET SHED 2004
Exhibition of an outsiderart Fish piece at a fishermans net shed in Finland
• Complete documentation:
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View "The Net Shed Exhibition Installation" Quicktime Video (05'09)
thumb_10-StStephanus.jpg Kristofer Paetau (curator): Re-Institutionalize#03: St. STEPHANUS CHURCH 2004
Exhibition of 40 B&W wedding photos from the collection of Torsten Prothmann, at the St. Stephanus Church
• Complete documentation:
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View "St. Stephanus Church" Quicktime Video (05'31)
thumb_9-Antigraffiti.jpg The ANTIGRAFFITIHIPHOP show (2004) was an event including a dance performance by Cross Level, a hiphop girlsband I invited, and my installation: a photo, two fake wooden walls containing one (fake) graffiti painting and an overpainted graffiti which was replaced by two posters (a quoted Antigraffiti manifesto found on the internet).
• Complete documentation:
Download PDF (1,2 MB)
View "Antigraffitihiphop" Quicktime Video (03'23)
thumb_8-Kindergarten.jpg Kristofer Paetau (curator): Re-Institutionalize#02: EVANGELICAL KINDERGARTEN 2004
Exhibition of Ondrej Brodys paintings with childrens paintings at an Evangelical Kindergarten
• Complete documentation:
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View "Evangelical Kindergarten" Quicktime Video (03'27)
thumb_7-AKAPaetau.jpg A.K.A. (also known as), a groupshow curated by Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau 2004
A.K.A. was dealing with interpretation & authorship. Each artist realized the idea of someone else. In a tombola I got Ondrej Brodys idea and asked my friend Tammo Sachs (on the picture) to provide me with appropriate drawings that I re-drew.
• Complete documentation:
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thumb_6-Salonpicasso.jpg Re-Institutionalize#01: SALON PICASSO 2004
Exhibition of my re-drawings of childrens re-drawings of Picasso drawings at a turkish hairdressers' called Salon Picasso
• Complete documentation:
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View "Salon Picasso Exhibition Installation" Quicktime Video (03'21)
thumb_5-desidolize.jpg DESIDOLIZE NOW groupshow, Jeune Création, Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris, 2004.
Elvis imitators, 2002, 434 photographs (10 x 15 cm) mounted on paper, 180 x 452 cm, with 6 details
• Complete documentation:
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