Undine Goldberg
Joep van Liefland
Jens Nippert
Kristofer Paetau

curator: Kristofer Paetau

Ausstellungsraum Restitution
Wöhlertstr. 21
10115 Berlin

19.10.02 – 03.11.02

The WELLNESS SPIRITUALIS exhibition suggests fictitious Body&Mind
double-binds through the work of:

Undine Goldberg

A black&white video-projection: three naked men spending time in a
small room. While this room and the relationship between the men
remain unclear, discreet gestures, poses and details become significant.

Joep van Liefland

In his video-installation, Joep shows close-ups of someone smearing his
body with a substance that looks like Nivea cream only from very far.
All elements of a Splatter&Gore parody of a TV spot for a beauty-product
are present, but somehow the artist managed to create an almost abstract,
contemplative piece of poetry instead.

Jens Nippert

"A lamp for a coat"

A woollen men's coat hangs upside down – arms pointing downwards
over an egg-formed lamp. The lamp could have hanged from the ceiling
in my grandparents house, if it wouldn't have this peculiar form. Does
the lamp adapt to the coat or does the coat give a new shape to the
lamp? Is the light filling up the coat or does the coat keep the light inside
it? A strange, intense relation develops between both objects, in which
they, and their history, transform into a new organism.

Kristofer Paetau

If Charles Bronson had had a twin brother and if they had decided to build
a snowman in any street of a city in which they had to interrupt the
shooting of a cowboy film because of the snow – then the photo of this
action could have resembled to the subject of my pencil-drawing after a
found photo. Using a pencil, the subject transforms into a less punchy and
more abstract picture. It invites the spectator to a closer examination of
this strange confederacy.