DESIDOLIZE NOW is a show about the ambivalent relation to idols, models and stereotypes.
The artists and the artworks in the show share a subjective and critical approach in their work.
The works use parody, appropriation and displacement of signs and gestures, without imposing morality.
The subject of the works range from pop-music to veggie-pornos, developing a rich web of relationships
between personal references and stereotypes vehicled through media.

This is a documentation of the show we had in Paris, february 12 - 22, at Grande Halle de la Villette,
Jeune Création 2004. Jeune Création is a „Salon“ for young contemporary art , showing works of about 150 artists.
The Desidolize Now groupshow was invited as an additional program to this event.

Kristofer Paetau (curator)

‚On tour‘ from Berlin to Paris: Ole, Veronika, Catherine, Kristofer, Undine, Reto, Joep and Matthias.

Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris.

View from outside.

Entrance with the logo illustrated by Reto Pulfer and realized by Kristofer Paetau and Reto Pulfer.

Upstairs: the show begins with Tere Recarens and Catherine Hottier.

Tere Recarens, Champion, 1999, Photoprint, 370 x 250 cm.

Detail of Tere Recarens photoprint „Champion“.

Catherine Hottier, Cri, 2003, VHS-video, 2 min 19 sec.

Catherine Hottier, In order of appearance, 2003, Laserprint triptych, each 91,4 x 113 cm.

Kristofer Paetaus „Kiss fan-art re-drawings“, Undine Goldbergs Videoprojection room
and Jan Christensen & Oystein Aasans project „Politically encoded surface“.

Kristofer Paetau. Gene‘s spitting fire on Pauls‘ chestbeard (Kiss fan-art re-drawing),
2004, black Edding marker on paper, 320 x 133 cm.

Undine Goldberg, Scarborough Fair / Canticle, 2001, black & white VHS-videoprojection, 1 min 47 sec, loop.

Jan Christensen and Oystein Aasan, Surface politiquement encodée, 2004, T-shirts in selected colours
with black or white textile print, Inkjet print, 84 x 118 cm.

Jan Christensen&Oystein Aasan and partial view of the installation by Robert Estermann very yellow plane.

Robert Estermann very yellow plane, Hey there, wait just a minute! I need some room
[ time, space ] to think ! Let me just be ! [ all of the me (s) ] !, 2004, ink drawing,
plastic sheeting, ducktape, bleach, dimensions variable.


Robert Estermann very yellow plane and Joep van Lieflands Broccoli Hardcore video installation.

Joep van Lieflands video installation with detail of Veronika Schumachers installation.

Joep van Liefland, Broccoli Hardcore, 2003, video installation, VHS-video, 5 min 10 sec, variable dimensions.

Detail from the Broccoli Hardcore (black & white) videoprojection.

Veronika Schumacher, Fighting with myself, 2002 - 2004, photocopy and drawing, dimension variable.

Detail of Veronika Schumachers installation „Fighting with myself“ and Joep van Lieflands installation.

Undine Goldbergs video projection room, Jan Christensen&Oystein Aasan, Kristofer Paetau and Joep van Liefland.

Partial views of Joep van Liefland, Veronika Schumachers installation, Fighting with myself“
and Matthias Mayer aka Mo Magics installation „Ferry“ (Part 1 / Keith, 2004).

Partial view of Matthias Mayer aka Mo Magics „Ferry“ and Kristofer Paetaus „Elvis imitators“.

Matthias Mayer aka Mo Magic, „Ferry“ – Keith Haring painting on Berlin Wall in 1986
and Mo Magic painting on wall at Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg, Russia in 1995,
2004, 360 x 250 cm, acrylic on PVC.

Kristofer Paetau, Elvis imitators, 2002, 434 photographs (10 x 15 cm) mounted on paper, 452 x 180 cm.

Detail of Kristofer Paetaus Elvis imitators and Robert Estermann very yellow planes installation.

Kristofer Paetau, „Elvis imitators“ and „Eric Carr in trouble (Kiss fan-art re-drawing)“,
2003, black Edding marker on paper, 262 x 205 cm.

Reto Pulfer, If 6 turned out to be 9 (Jimi Hendrix was wrong), 2004, Oil pastels direct on wall, dimensions variable.