I started to feel really bad at the opening of the Art Forum 2005 Art Fair in Berlin.

And suddenly I couldn‘t help myself, I had to vomit.

It was terrible.

It just kept coming.

Most people preferred not to stay around and I sure can understand them!

Some people were a bit curious though.

Other people even seemed to find it entertaining...

But I didn‘t notice anything, I was too busy throwing up.

To me it seemed like an endless nightmare.

I started to feel really dizzy and afraid that it would never end.

Only the director of the gallery was friendly enough to come and support me.

He even brought me a chair to rest on.

I felt terribly sorry that it had occurred in his booth.

I wanted to drink some mineral water but that went wrong also.

Then some stupid guy came to ask if “my work“ was for sale!

He kept on insisting but the director of the gallery stayed cool and friendly.

He even came with some sheets of paper to cover up the vomit.

Of course I offered him my help.

So we covered up the mess with 4 sheets of paper until it would be cleaned up.

This was the result.

And everything went on as usual.

Thanks to the person who happened to film everything and afterwards offered to send me the film that you can check out here if you want (4min 41 sec, DSL and Quicktime needed):